Indigenous Service Learning

What is Indigenous Service Learning?

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Indigenous Service Learning at North west Indian College is based on the indigenous value of serving and caring for one another in our communities and natural world.  Connections between apeople and place are strengthened through service, and learning is enhanced through the interconnections involving the whole person: mind, body, and spirit.
Indigenous Service Learning Projects foster reciprocal relationships between people and place: the students apply what they learn in the classroom to a real world situation as an active citizen, and the community partners have their legitimate needs met.  Students undergo a learning process that comprises reflection and critical thinking that integrate the service project with the course’s outcome.
At Northwest Indian College the world is our classroom, and through service we are planting the seeds of change.

“In class, our development is based on critical and reflective thinking; we can’t help but wonder how our class subjects relate to our community, because at heart our journey in higher education is our personal connection with civic responsibility. .  . After brainstorming fresh ideas, sharing them with other people, and coming to find how our collective leadership, empowerment, and vision are solutions to making a difference in our community, Service Learning develops reciprocal relationships where both community and students needs are met.” –Alsie Wolfblack, NWIC Student

“We work to implement and support service learning opportunities with Northwest Indian College instructors, local community partners and students within main campus as well as other students on Lummi Campus and at other NWIC sites. . . Strong partnerships within our community are the key to successful service learning.” – Michelle Gladstone, NWIC Staff Member