hey sxw qe sii’em nekwili’ie ce ena elhe e ti’e ekwost ew’xw e ce xwlemi tengexw i’ tl’el xwen’o’es i’ eyest se en s-heli i’ kwen’eteng i’ tl’el cheychi sxw e kwenexw sxw ce en sqelqelosen. i’ ce en shiteng e ce kwe’net ce snepeneq e ti’e qeyes ewes kwet sxw ce nilh en qel. yos timest sxw i’ yos xweneng e ce xwen’o’es ste! –Lucas Washington, Faculty


Translation from Lummi language: Thank you all for coming here to NWIC and for also looking forward into improving your lives by reaching out and being ambitious and grabbing onto your dreams and your desires of receiving the knowledge of today. Don’t let go of your belief. Always try your best and always be established in looking forward!

Video Transcription Below