Northwest Indian College (NWIC) is the only Tribal College located in the Pacific Northwest.  Students from over 100 Tribes across the United States and Canada, attend NWIC.

What were the top two reasons recent graduates, class of 2010, chose NWIC?

  • Tribal College education- culturally relevant curriculum and Native American student-centered. Northwest Indian College is one of 37 regionally accredited Tribal Colleges.
  • Proximity- NWIC is close to home. NWIC offers courses at sites in numerous tribal locations throughout the state of Washington and at the Nez Perce reservation in Idaho.

Students who choose NWIC:

Video Transcription:

Northwest Indian College is the only regional tribal college in the nation.

Everything is tribal oriented. I got to learn more about where I came from and I got to learn about other tribes.

It’s nice, it’s convenient, it’s a warm and inviting environment. Kind of like a second family here.

I never thought I would go to college in my life and here I am, a student, at Northwest Indian College.

I’m a single mom with two children. I have a daughter and It’s important to have her see that all women should have an education.

As a father it’s important for me to be educated so I can get a job.

I decided to return to college to set an example for my kids, my family, my friends, community.

There’s no age limit to attending College it makes you feel good in here.

I am Northwest Indian College. I am Northwest Indian College. I am Northwest Indian College.