Tips from Northwest Indian College Students

Quotes from Students in HMDV 110 Introduction to Successful Learning:

Get Involved

“College is so different from high school (much better). . Find the resources. Get involved; the more people you talk to, the more you find out about things that can help you.” —American Indian and Alaska Native Student’s Guide to College Success

“One of the most important ways to feel at home while away at school is to get involved in college programs. You can find a number of different things to do by starting out at Student Services.  Student Services programming encourages interaction and learning new things about other people.”

“Form a study group or work with a ‘study buddy.’ Knowing that you have the help and friendship will help you feel at home while you’re away at school.”

Stay Close to Family

“Stay close to your family back home by emailing them often, or getting into FaceBook. Buy a long distance phone card, etc.”

Dealing with Stress

“When dealing with stress and balancing classes at college, join the fitness center. Doing at least 30 minutes a day can really help. The Lummi Campus (and other sites) has a wonderful community Fitness Center. For example, you can add Yoga, Belly Dancing, Volleyball, most of which is held at the Fitness Center and may be added to your college credit load. Or go for a bike ride or a walk, getting some fresh air is very helpful.”


When you arise in the morning, give thanks for the morning light,

for your life and strength. Give thanks for your food, and the joy of living.

If you see no reason for giving thanks, the fault lies with yourself.

-Shawnee Tecumseh

Time Management

“Set goals. Setting goals and working hard to reach them will make you feel great when you accomplish them. There are many walls that may appear in front of you along the way. You will achieve. You will meet deadlines in your classes, when you set goals to get you there.”

“Use a planner. Input dates and times as reminders on your cell phone or blackberry. Try using post-its as tabs in your textbooks; write due dates on them and keep a copy of due dates next to your computer. Schedule homework and study time for 1-2 hours a day for each class you are taking.”


“Make sure you arrive to class on time; being late means that you miss out on important information. The instructor will most likely not stop the class to catch you up when you’re late.”

“You will need to balance your work, class studies, college time and social time in a responsible way to ensure that you keep your good grades=happy student!”

“Remember the college’s message to students: ‘The educational philosophy of Northwest Indian College is based upon the belief that the opportunity of post-secondary education must be provided within the Native American community. Northwest Indian College is committed to the belief that self awareness is the foundation necessary to: achieve confidence, esteem, and a true sense of pride; build a career; create a ‘self-sufficient’ life-style; and promote life-long learning. It is also committed to the belief that a self-awareness program must include a study of Native American culture, values and history.'”