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Philosophy of Teaching and Learning

By Ted W

(Download the NWIC Philosophy of Teaching and Learning as a pdf file) The philosophy of teaching and learning at NWIC acknowledges that each tribal student has a distinct, place-based identity.  The role of the faculty and our support system for students is to create access to the political, social and cultural knowledge that strengthens... »

Videos About Tribal Colleges with Cheryl Crazy Bull and Others

By Ted W

The following videos provide background about tribal colleges. Click on title or photo to play video. Cheryl Crazy Bull discusses Tribal Colleges at the Collaboration for Learning Conference in 1996 followed by a conversation between Cheryl Crazy Bull and Parker Palmer. Cheryl Crazy Bull and Jerry Mohatt, former president of Sinte Gleska University, discuss... »

NWIC Teaching and Learning Philosophy – Faculty In-Service May 14, 2010

By Ted W

Faculty and Instructional administrators met together on May 14, 2010 to create visual representations of the NWIC teaching and learning philosophy.  Each of the four groups created their own image of the ideal teaching and learning philosophy for NWIC. Each group then reported to the whole group what themes are represented in their images.... »

Standing in the Light: Culture as the Heart of Education


by Cheryl Crazy Bull January 17, 2005 SoTL Conference – CAU Excerpt Good Afternoon. I am honored to be among so many people whose life work is to build the hearts and minds of others through education. It is a privilege for me to share some of my thoughts and beliefs with you just... »


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