Distance Learning

Videoconferencing Pedagogy at NWIC

Overview Many courses at Northwest Indian College are taught over iTV, a technology that allows our sites students to connect to each other through real-time videoconference.  There are many advantages to offering courses this way, as it allows for higher enrollment, saves on transportation costs, allows for the sharing of multiple tribal perspectives and... »

Fostering Sharing and Community Through Blogs

“That’s why I think blogging is potentially different from any writing that we’ve asked students to do, a genre that may have great value in terms of developing all sorts of critical thinking skills, writing skills and information literacy among other things. We teach exposition and research and some other types of analytical writing... »

Best Practices in Online Teaching for Student Engagement

Overview Many theorists predict that online education will gradually surpass traditional classrooms in the role of educating students in higher education.  Peter Drucker, management icon, states that “In 30 years, the universities of America, as we have traditionally known them, will be barren wastelands.”   Gordon Dryden and Dr. Jeannette Vos in their top-selling book,... »


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