Strategies for Student Success – In-Service March 5, 2015

On March 5, 2015 we had a faculty in-service presentation and discussion that built upon a talk at the 2014 Vine Deloria, Jr. Indigenous Studies Symposium by Dr. Daniel Wildcat. Dr. Wildcat’s talk was followed by a presentation by Don McCluskey on how the ideas and principles in Dr. Wildcat’s talk apply at NWIC. Faculty then met in small groups to explore how these principles apply withing their own teaching and advising.

Here is Don McCluskey’s PowerPoint presentation –> Click here to view

Here are the notes from the small group discussions


Here are links to the articles Don referenced:

1. Changing developmental ed at the classroom level
By Garry Boulard, Published May 4, 2010

2. Students’ Resistance to Change in Learning Strategies Courses By Myron H. Dembo and Helena Praks Seli

3. Is There a Need for Healing in the Classroom? Exploring Trauma-Informed Education for Aboriginal Mature Students by Elaine Mordoch and Rainey Gaywish, Aboriginal Focus Programs, University of Manitoba

4. The Akwesasne cultural restoration program: A Mohawk approach to land-based education by Taiaiake Alfred

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