Papers and Presentations

Presentation on NWIC’s Woksape Oyate (Wisdom of the People) Project

The following are NWIC’s presentation materials for the Oct. 21-23, 2011 conference about our Woksape Oyate project. The presentation describes the project, achievements of the project and its impacts on students, faculty and institution-wide impacts. Click to download the Woksape Oyate powerpoint presentation The following is the handout with additional notes that accompany the... »

Proceedings of the Teaching and Learning Institute 2011

These are the proceedings of NWIC’s 2nd annual Teaching and Learning Institute, which was held June 27-29, 2011 on the Lummi campus. The Institute was attended by over 30 full- and part-time faculty plus academic administrators from the Lummi and all other full service educational sites.  The following proceedings include videos, PowerPoint presentations and... »

PowerPoint Presentations – Active Learning and T and L Initiative Overview

The following PowerPoint presentation is an introduction to the theory behind active learning and some examples at NWIC. This presentation was made to the NWIC Board of Trustees in Nov. 2009. Active Learning  Nov 2009 The following Powerpoint presentation is an overview of the NWIC Teaching and Learning Initiative made to the College’s Leadership... »

Woksape: The Identity of Tribal Colleges – Discussion Paper

Prepared by NWIC President, Cheryl Crazy Bull, as a discussion paper for the American Indian Higher Education Consortium (AIHEC) – June 2010. Click here to download a pdf version of this paper Woksape is the Lakota value of wisdom.  It is the sharing of the knowledge of the people especially our elders with others... »

Videos About Tribal Colleges with Cheryl Crazy Bull and Others

The following videos provide background about tribal colleges. Click on title or photo to play video. Cheryl Crazy Bull discusses Tribal Colleges at the Collaboration for Learning Conference in 1996 followed by a conversation between Cheryl Crazy Bull and Parker Palmer. Cheryl Crazy Bull and Jerry Mohatt, former president of Sinte Gleska University, discuss... »

Presentations by Dr. Gregory Cajete

Dr. Gregory Cajete made several presentations to NWIC students, faculty and staff during the week of April 26-20, 2010. Two of the presentations are available below. The first is a presentation on sustainability made to students and faculty. Click the following link to view the PowerPoint presentation: Re-Building Sustainable Communities – Home Coming The... »

Cultural Integration: An Experience of Cultural Restoration

The following is a chapter in the book Ancient Wisdon, Modern Science, published in 2012. The chapter is co-authored by former NWIC President Cheryl Crazy Bull and three staff members. Click here to download a PDF version of the published chapter Northwest Indian College (NWIC), chartered by the Lummi Nation has its main campus... »

Presentation on Indigenous Evaluation

The four PowerPoint presentations listed below focus on the Indigenous Evaluation framework. They are from a January 2010 conference put on by the American Indian College Fund for the Woksape Oyate (Wisdom of the People) project that supports NWIC’s Teaching and Learning Initiative. The goal of the conference was to provide people from Tribal... »

Action Research Workshops

Here are the materials from the two action research workshops held for NWIC faculty. Jan. 6, 2010 Workshop – Action Research in Teaching and Learning with Deanna Sellnow Action Research Power Point Presentation (note that there are links embedded in the powerpoint presentation for 2 videos. The first is labeled “TO DO SO: we... »

Standing in the Light: Culture as the Heart of Education

by Cheryl Crazy Bull January 17, 2005 SoTL Conference – CAU Excerpt Good Afternoon. I am honored to be among so many people whose life work is to build the hearts and minds of others through education. It is a privilege for me to share some of my thoughts and beliefs with you just... »


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