Action Research Workshops

Here are the materials from the two action research workshops held for NWIC faculty.

Jan. 6, 2010 Workshop – Action Research in Teaching and Learning with Deanna Sellnow

Action Research Power Point Presentation (note that there are links embedded in the powerpoint presentation for 2 videos. The first is labeled “TO DO SO: we must understand our students.” The second is labeled “College Students Today.”

Action Research Proposal Form

Dec. 11, 2009 Workshop – Introduction to Action Research

Agenda for Dec. 11, 2009 faculty inservice

Handout for Dec. 11, 2009 faculty Inservice

Article: Action Reaserch and Minority Problems by Lewin, 1946

Article: Raising the Question #8 Assessment: Is it just Measurement? by McCrosky 2007

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