Action Research Reports – Winter 2010 to Present

Action Research Reports:

Click on any of the links below to access the report submitted for teaching and learning action research projects performed by faculty during the winter and Spring quarters of 2010.

Winter Quarter 2010

Math on Steroids- – John Frey

ITV and Faculty Presence – Wayne Woods, Steve Zawoysky, and Brian Compton

Talking Circles – Rose Roberts and Cindy Dodd

Use of the Kindle and Student Engagement – Gary Brandt

Connecting ABE English and ENGL 100 – Kathy Stuart-Stevenson and Kathy Humphreys-Shaffer

Student Self Assessment – Brian Compton and Ane Berrett

Critical Thinking – Brian Compton

Competency Achievement in Chemical Dependency Studies – Cal Scheidegger

Open vs. Closed book Exams – John Rombold – Winter 2010 – 12 10 10

Spring Quarter 2010

Academic Foundation in Developmental Education – Don McCluskey

Connecting Math 98 and 99 – Nathan Hall and Matteo Tamburini

Place based Education – Emma Norman

Winter Quarter 2011

Dispelling the Myth of Indian Time – Don McCluskey

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