The Space Center Launches Rockets on December 5, 2010

Posted: 8th December 2010 by Silent Renegade in Launches
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This past weekend there were a series of rocket launches that went almost according to plan. The first to launch was Thomas Doyle’s rocket; the flight went well until the rocket reached its highest point. The nose cone of his rocket was lost in the flight and never recovered. Since, this is Thomas first rocket launch for his level one certification, he will have  to redo the launch and recover the entire rocket. The second launch was done by Krissy Jefferson, her launch went according to plan. She obtained her level certification and had a successful flight and recovery. Since, she was part of the camera team, she did not anticipate the recovery well and ran a lot further than necessary to recover her rocket. So, there is no video of her rocket’s flight and recovery. The pride and joy of the space center is the rocket named Frankenstein. This was Frank’s first flight and we are proud to announce that Frank had a successful launch and recovery. Frank’s launch used the biggest rocket motor the Space Center has used so far and the rocket reached just a few hundred feet off the predicted altitude. When Frank reached the ground safely, it took two space center members to carry it back to the launch site.
“Launch Video”

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