Writing Across the Curriculum In-Service 3/4/2014

On March 4, 2014, Rebecca Saxon made an in-service presentation to faculty as pon Writing Across the Curriculum. Based on material gathered from the 2013 Conference on College Composition and Communication and from interviews with NWIC faculty, Saxton facilitated a discussion focused on concepts from Writing Across the Curriculum and a selection of Best Practices for creating and evaluating writing assignments. Four essay forms were presented as well a general philosophy of how to support indigenous scholarship in various disciplines.

Here is Rebecca Saxon’s PowerPoint presentation:
Writing Across the Curriculum PowerPoint presentation (requires PowerPoint 2007 or later)

Writing across the curriculum – PowerPoint Presentation as a PDF

Tips for Responding to Other People’s writing is a handout Saxton provides to give students an opportunity to conduct peer-review with their classmates. The questions may be helpful for instructors who would like a structured method for responding to and supporting student writing.

Tips For Responding to Other People (Word document to download)



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