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Physics Rocket Class Started

Posted: 7th July 2011 by gbrandt in Uncategorized
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Physics 111, Learning about Things (mostly the physics of rockets) class stared on 7/5/11. We’ll be uploading photos and videos of student rocket projects. The first week has ended with several very successful air rocket flights, including one with a streamer recovery system, which, unfortunately, is now residing on the roof of one of the […]

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We just received our National Association of Rocketry Charter. We are #730

Milwaukee Trip…

Posted: 11th May 2011 by Silent Renegade in Uncategorized
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We came, we saw, we had lots of fun and we came home with a First Place in the Altitude Prediction portion of the First Nations Launch Competition and Mariya earned her National Association of Rocketry Level 2 certification, a feat not accomplished by many. Getting up and organized for the 5:00 am flight on […]

Frankenrocket Flew Successfully!

Posted: 5th December 2010 by gbrandt in Uncategorized
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We launched our USLI rocket, Frankenrocket, today and it flew very well. Also, Thomas and Krissy launched their rockets in a NAR L1 attempt. Krissy’s flew superbly while Thomas’s payload bulkhead became detached and the payload and nose cone were lost. Here is a quick video of Thomas’s lauch and Frankenrocket’s flight.

10-2-10 Launch Videos

Posted: 25th October 2010 by gbrandt in Uncategorized
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Finally! Some shots from our first launch.

The physics class had two successful parachute recoveries as well as the usual lawn dart recovery. Both Terry’s and Krissy’s performed as planned.

NWIC’s First Public Launch at the Launch Complex

Posted: 7th October 2010 by gbrandt in Uncategorized

Gordon’s burning rocket!

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The NWIC Space Center has assembled a team of eleven students that have committed to making a proposal to NASA for the University Student Launch Initiative. This is an 8 month commitment culminating in a rocket launch held mid-April in Huntsville, Alabama near the Marshall Space Center. For details (and a picture of the tremendous […]

Two More Certified!

Posted: 8th August 2010 by gbrandt in Uncategorized

Patrisha and Justin earned their Level 1 NAR Certifications at UROC Hell Fire 15 on the Bonneville Salt  Flats north of Salt Lake City, UT. Hot, sunny and not much wind. They both launched Madcow 34 inch Patriots using CTI H255 motors. Altitudes were in the 2500-3000 foot range (both brand new Altimeter Ones malfunctioned). […]

Our blog server has been down since eary May until recently. A lot has happened in between and I’ll get you caught up within the next couple of days.