Two More Certified!

Posted: 8th August 2010 by gbrandt in Uncategorized

Patrisha and Justin earned their Level 1 NAR Certifications at UROC Hell Fire 15 on the Bonneville Salt  Flats north of Salt Lake City, UT. Hot, sunny and not much wind. They both launched Madcow 34 inch Patriots using CTI H255 motors. Altitudes were in the 2500-3000 foot range (both brand new Altimeter Ones malfunctioned). Altitudes are based on the other  launched Patriots from the NASA USLI/SLI HPR workshop. In all, nine were certified and one had a non-firing ejection charge and it blew apart after hitting the ground as a result of its balistic recovery.

NWIC Space Center earned the best USLI “Team Spirit” award and Justin just barely missed out winning the “Closest to Launch Pad Landing” award. We had several of the participants launch M motors with sucessful recoveries by all.

All day in the salt and heat was pretty tiring.

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