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Lunch Launch Lite – 2/18/10

Posted: 22nd February 2010 by gbrandt in Water Bottle Rockets
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Hello Space Fans! Even though it was a bit breezy, we wanted to try out our new altimeters and our first rocket motor propelled rocket. Mariya’s Odin III had a leak in the tank coupling and we couldn’t get the pressure over 40 psi. Its altitude was measured at 60 feet. Gary’s NOS-1 was launched […]

NWIC Space Center Earns Gold!

Posted: 17th February 2010 by gbrandt in First Nations Launch, Hot Rockets
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February 12 was the due date for the First Nations Launch Preliminary Design Report. It was submitted with data gathered by the Space Center members. On Tuesday we learned that we scored an 88/100 which placed us in First Place among the seven competing Tribal Colleges. We may not know what we’re doing, but we […]

2/4/10 Launches

Posted: 8th February 2010 by gbrandt in Uncategorized
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This video is rather lengthy in that it introduces many of the key players of the Northwest Indian College Space Center. Today was moderately successful. Neither of the parachute rigged rockets worked completely. The parachutes deployed; however, the chutes didn’t unfurl and the rockets ended up doing a lawn dart recovery. Our suspicions are that with […]

It’s Official!

Posted: 2nd February 2010 by gbrandt in Uncategorized
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The Northwest Indian College Space Center is a College recognized entity with all of the corresponding privileges and responsibilities. Student Members Robert Skaggs Mariya Williams Kyle Koos Talia Graves Marcia Jimmy Luke Heaton Board of Directors Dave Oreiro Shelley Macy Brian Compton Janice Brendible Gary Brandt Joel Green