1-21-10 Launch Successful!

Posted: 24th January 2010 by gbrandt in Water Bottle Rockets
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The Northwest Indian College Space Center was formally launched to a small crowd of well-wishers consisting of several faculty, administrators, staff, and students. We had cooperative weather and not too many technical difficulties and were able to launch five rockets that were captured on video and an additional five launches not captured.

Mariya Williams was the Range Safety Officer; Robert Skaggs, the Fuel and Launch Control Officer; Shelley Macy, data collection; and, Marcia Jimmy, video. Guest launchers were Janice Brendible, Brian Compton, and Dave Oreiro

Mariya Williams and Kyle Koos launched their designs. Both were slightly unstable; however, they tumbled unharmed to the ground.

The parachute rocket was built from two 2 liter bottles glued together with a Tomy timer as a side-eject parachute release mechanism. The timer worked, the parachute did not eject and we had a magnificant lawn dart recovery.

In the video and on the ground you can see Ariel, our High Powered Rocket, that was brought out, uncompleted, for introduction.


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