Bobby Bridger to Deliver the Keynote Address at the 9th Vine Deloria, Jr. Indigenous Studies Symposium, July 10-12, 2014

Bobby Bridger

Bobby Bridger, singer and songwriter, poet and story teller, author, artist and “Balladeer of the American West,” will give the Vine Deloria, Jr. Address at the Ninth Annual Vine Deloria, Jr. Indigenous Studies Symposium, July 10-12, 2014 at Northwest Indian College, Lummi Nation.

Bridger was a close friend of Vine and the two worked on numerous projects together.  In addition to giving the keynote address, Bobby will also perform some of Vine’s favorite songs.

This summer’s symposium will also feature the official dedication of the Vine Deloria, Jr. Library Collection.

The purpose of the symposium itself is to bring together Native and non-native scholars, tribal elders, traditionalists, and others who are interested in carrying on the work of Professor Deloria and to introduce news ideas and expand knowledge in several key areas that Deloria devoted his life to.

The symposium itself will be organized as a series of intellectually driven panels – no workshop-type presentations, and specially invited guests speakers.

There is no set focus for this summer’s symposium and we expect presentation in the fields of law and policy, religion and spirituality, and Indigenous philosophy as it applies to the natural world.

There will be no PowerPoint of other electronic presentations allowed.

For more information on the symposium, including the submission of abstract proposals, contact :

Steve Pavlik, Co-coordinator, Vine Deloria, Jr. Indigenous Studies Symposium.

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