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Analyze, Build, and Flight-test Rockets

Our Proposal to NASA for the ESMD Project: MSFC3-27-SD, Spacecraft

Analyze, build, and flight-test rockets to develop systems engineering skills.  A rocket is to be built that will target an exact altitude which lies between 3500 ft and 7500 ft (above ground level).  The target altitude is negotiable, but must be declared at the start of the project, and must be achieved within a band of ± 1%. A trajectory algorithm is to be written to predict  the position, velocity, and acceleration of the rocket from liftoff to touch down. The trajectory algorithm is to be anchored with data from a series of ground and flight tests.  Other pertinent engineering parameters (eg., drag as a function of velocity or time, tank pressure as a function of burn time (for propulsion systems which use fluid propellants), motor chamber pressure, etc.) should also be predicted, measured, and correlated. It is strongly encouraged, but not required, to incorporate an active onboard energy management system into the rocket system to more precisely achieve the target altitude.

was accepted and we were awarded $4000.00 to pursue this project.

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