Level 2 NAR/TRA Certification Test Taking

Posted: 7th June 2010 by gbrandt in General, News
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This is the response to a question that Gary asked Kent Newman, president of the Washington Aerospace Club regarding taking the Level 2 certification written test:

It’s easy, Gary.   Both NAR and TRA have a test question pool on-line that becomes the source of the written test for each organization. 

Let me know if you can make a meeting; I can administer a test to you and/or whomever at that time.  If not convenient, the test may be administered at a launch, too.  The test must be taken and passed before the L2 certification flight attempt.  The test will be held (up to a year) until the flight is successfully completed.  The test and the completed flight paperwork will be submitted together to the organization of your choice. 


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