2/4/10 Launches

Posted: 8th February 2010 by gbrandt in Uncategorized
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This video is rather lengthy in that it introduces many of the key players of the Northwest Indian College Space Center.

Today was moderately successful. Neither of the parachute rigged rockets worked completely. The parachutes deployed; however, the chutes didn’t unfurl and the rockets ended up doing a lawn dart recovery. Our suspicions are that with the cooler weather, the garbage and grocery bag chutes kept their folded “memory”. Mariya’s rocket separated at the upper glue joint for a spectacular “top half” launch, while Brian’s radical mid-fin shorty was unstable at launch. Estimated altitudes were between 20 feet and 150 feet. As always, lessons learned, new things to think about, and different designs to try.

Check out the gallery for the 2/4/10 launch pictures. There are some great shots of the rockts leaving the launch pad.

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