Schedule Launch on 1/21/10

Posted: 19th January 2010 by gbrandt in Water Bottle Rockets
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Hello everyone,

The Northwest Indian College Space Center has scheduled a launch for Thursday, January 21, 2010 around noon on the ball field behind Student Services. You all, of course, are cordially invited. Please bring cameras to record this historic endeavor.

Some of you witnessed a design concept test today. It used minimum fuel and pressure, and while the altitude wasn’t remarkable, the straightness of the flight was notable. You also saw some of the challenges encountered.

Thursday we will be launching several student-built rockets, two “ring” finned rockets, and our second attempt at a rocket that will eject a parachute at apogee and float gently to the ground.

Once we have gentle landings, we’ll launch a miniature video camera and an altimeter. This is the next step in our quest to build a water and air pressure rocket to challenge for the world record.

Please bear in mind that if winds are higher than 5 kts (yes, we do have a portable weather station to keep track of flight conditions), and/or it’s really rainy and cold, it will be necessary to scrub the launch and wait for the next window of opportunity.

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