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Skeptical Organization Websites – live links here

  • The Skeptic World Site • Steven Schafersman
  • The Skeptics World Site Skeptical Organizations Websites • Most complete list
  • The Committee for the Scientific Investigation of Claims of the Paranormal • CSICOP
  • The Skeptic Society • Michael Shermer
  • James Randi Educational Foundation • James Randi
  • The Skeptic’s Refuge • Robert T. Carroll
  • The Skeptic’s Dictionary • Robert T. Carroll
  • The Encyclopedia of Skepticism and the Paranormal
  • Skeptic Friends Network • David Glück
  • The World Wide Skeptical Web
  • The Skeptic Tank
  • Pseudoscience, Paranormal Phenomena, and Skepticism
  • The Skeptical Gourmet
  • Skeptic News • The “What’s New” Page for Skeptics
  • sci.skeptic FAQ: The Frequently Questioned Answers
  • • Phil Plait
  • The Fine Art of Baloney Detection • Carl Sagan
  • Skeptic Gary Posner
  • Sources of Skeptical Information on the Internet • Jim Lippard
  • Skeptical Information Links • Jim Lippard
  • Skeptical Quotations
  • Great Quotes From Great Skeptics
  • Enlightenment • Jerome Kahn