Our Program

Our Program
10 weeks of classes (6 hours a day; 5 days a week)
10 weeks of practical application with a capstone project and an internship

Only a few sessions will be offered under this Program. There is limited space available in each of the session.

What you will learn

  • Graphic design
  • Photoshop®
  • Flash®
  • Dreamweaver®
  • Web design
  • Video
  • Print publishing
  • Project management
  • Adobe® certification exam
  • Northwest Indian College (NWIC) credit
  • NWIC Award of Completion
  • Assistance in finding employment related to the training.

When you complete the Program successfully you will have the skills and knowledge necessary to pass
the Adobe Certification exam.

Our program consists of 26 quarter hours of college credit courses, primarily at the main NWIC Lummi campus.

Now that you know the details lets get started! Visit our How to Apply page to fill out our application process.

Program sessions

Session/Activities Start End
May Session
Intensive classes May 4 July 10
Internship/capstone July 13 September 18
July Session
Intensive classes July 27 October 2
Internship/capstone October 5 December 11

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