How to Apply

Program Requirements
  • Enrollment/membership in a federally recognized Indian tribe
  • Proficient in basic computer operation (understanding of basic computer components, storage media handling, keyboard & mouse skills, file management; intermediate or better ability with applications for word processing, spreadsheet, Internet, email)

If you meet the requirements and want to register, please complete the steps below:

1) Copy & paste the items below into your email message, complete each item and send to Carl Symons, Program

Tribal affilliation
My interest in Digital Media & Web Technology Program. What I want to get out of this program…

2) Fill out and submit the Northwest Indian College Admissions Application (available here). Some parts of the Application will not apply to the Program. Please go here for more information.
3) Submit verification of tribal affiliation (front & back copies of enrollment card, CDIB, or letter from Tribe/Village verifying enrollment or status with tribe)
4) Submit copy of high school diploma or GED
5) Mail, fax or bring the completed package to

Northwest Indian College
Enrollment Services
Attn: Cindy Roberts – Digital Media & Web Technology
2522 Kwina Road Bellingham,
WA 98226
Fax: 360-392-4333

Filling out the Application (see directions below):

Start the registration process here. This web page covers modifications to the NWIC Application process.

Fill in pages 1 and 2 completely, if any item does not apply to you, write “N/A”.

On page 3, several items do not apply to the Digital Media & Web Technology Program.

Quarter and Year you plan to attend – write “N/A”.

Planned student status write “N/A” – unless you fit in one of the categories.

Planned enrollment status – Full Time

At Which NWIC Campus… – Lummi (Main)

What Is Your Intended Area of Study? – Other, write in “Digital Media & Web Technology”

If you are interested in On-Campus Student Housing, check yes and send an email to explaining your housing needs.

Sign and Return by Priority Deadline – disregard this section. The Program is not based on the NWIC quarter system.

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