Curriculum Committee Items for 4/23/13

Here are materials that will be considered at the 4/23/13 Curriculum Committee meeting:

B.A. Tribal Governance and Business Management Program Revision:

B.S. Native Environmental Science Program Revision:

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  1. Anonymous says:

    Concerning the the math requirement in the TGBM program revision – unless you want to restrict students to taking Math 107 only then the catalog description needs to be modified from what was presented. I think whatever wording is listed for the TGBM should also be used for the NSL program revision.

    Here is a way to list it in the catalog description that avoids needing to list the courses which satisfy the QS requirement (which are listed in the AAS-General Direct Transfer program of study in the catalog):
    MATH 107 Elementary Statistics I or other course satisfying the Quantitative
    Skills requirement – see General Direct Transfer requirement for Quantitative Skills

    We have already used similar wording for the natural science requirement in the NSL and the TGBM catalog descriptions.

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